Shataphool Bangladesh: At a glance

Where We Started

Shataphool Bangladesh is a non-government, not-for-profit, non-sectarian, and non-political organization working for social development of vulnerable people who haven’t progressed as they should have. In 2000, the organization came into being when Mr. M. Shafiqul Islam (UNO of Mohanpur Upazila) founded it with a group of young and energetic people, who were highly motivated and committed to contributing their time, skills and energies for the development and empowerment of socially disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Mohanpur, addressing poverty issues and eliminating gender based discriminations. By 2001, Shataphool Bangladesh evolved into a formal institution offering micro-credit to poor rural women in Jahanabad Union of Mohanpur Upazila. Over the next decade the micro credit program diversified, and the organization began providing a variety of micro-credit products for its heterogeneous group of family entrepreneurs, alongside various types of social development programs.

  • our vision

    To ensure the sustainable economic development which provides human rights, mainstreams gender equality, ensures social justice, assures good governance by active participation of multi-tier people of society through poor friendly microfinance services.

  • our mission

    To establish an apolitical, cosmopolitan, not-for-profit, socioeconomic and philanthropic private voluntary organization which will work with the mission of making people self-dependent of all the religions and color, especially regenerating those who are impoverished and underprivileged.